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Welcome to Dirty Dog Grooming Products!

Our Sexy Bitch and Sexy Stud grooming products were created using your dog's health and beauty, the environment, and premium quality products as the cornerstones of their development. Our products were developed by working closely with professional groomers, holistic practitioners, veterinarians and expert formulators to produce our premium quality Sexy Bitch and Sexy Stud dog shampoo and conditioning lines. We expect and accept only the best because your dog deserves the best!

Using the healing properties of oats, wheat and key herbal extracts, our Sexy Bitch and Sexy Stud dog shampoo and conditioning lines are uniquely formulated to combat dry itchy dog skin and to leave your dog with a luxurious healthy and shiny coat. Our unique fragrances were developed with you and your dog in mind and you will be getting swamped with compliments on your fuzzy friend's fantastic fragrance!

All of our products are proudly tested on humans!

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