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About Us

The Dirty Dog team is passionate about dogs and we express our passion every day while we work to research, produce and deliver the highest quality products on the market. Tireless efforts are made to create the best dog shampoos and dog conditioners in order to ensure that your dog is free of dry itchy skin and at the same time maintains a beautiful full healthy coat with an incredible fragrance!

We are located in the Vancouver area of British Columbia and all of our products are produced locally. Having our products produced locally gives us the opportunity to maintain our strict quality control measures to ensure your dog's health and safety.

Dirty Dog Grooming Products was founded by Roger Regehr, as health, safety and hygiene professional and devoted dog lover. Finding it desperately hard to find truly great products at reasonable prices, he started his quest to create a product that offers top quality ingredients at a price you can afford. After two years of working with professional groomers, holistic practitioners, veterinarians and expert formulators in product research and development he founded Dirty Dog Grooming products in 2005. Adhering to his belief that if it's not fun, don't do it, Roger created the labels Sexy Bitch and Sexy Stud and brought the products to the market.

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